How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel (2021)

How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel (2021)

September 10, 2021 0 By Sodeeq Olaitan

This page would give you the step by step guidelines on how to borrow airtime from Airtel. With that, you can easily borrow airtime and data from Airtel. 

Firstly, you have to know about eligibility status and conditions for borrowing airtime on Airtel. This will be explained later on in this article.

Here you will discover how to borrow airtime from Airtel, necessary procedures, USSD code, eligibility status and requirements. 

How to Borrow Airtime From Airtel

Airtel has made it very easy for its users to borrow airtime from them. With the Airtel Extra Credit, you can get to borrow airtime from Airtel. You can borrow 25 nairas, 50 nairas, 100 nairas, 200 nairas, 500 nairas, 1000nairasa from Airtel with a %15 charges fee.

The %15 extra charges works in such a way that you get 85 nairas when you opt-in for a 100 naira recharge card. It follows like this for any amount you borrow. Another instance is that you are credited with 850 nairas when you borrow 1000 naira recharge cards.

The step by step guide to being released below on how to borrow airtime from MTN would help a lot of Airtel Users. If you aren’t an Airtel User, you can just read these and know. Who knows, someone might need your help on this.

The process is easy and does not require any technical knowledge. Even this detailed guide is enough to understand.

Eligibility Status

Before you can borrow money from someone, a trusted process should have been established.

Same for all the network providers. Before you can start to borrow recharge card on Airtel, you should be eligible. This means that only eligible users can borrow card from Airtel. This is what you need to be eligible for you to borrow credit from Airtel:

1 Register an Airtel SIM card

2. The registered SIM must have been active for a complete 3 month

3. You should have a monthly recharge of 250 nairas per month.

4. You must not have any loans on the ground (For long time users that still want to borrow airtime)

Step by Step Guide

To borrow airtime on Airtel, you don’t need any technical process. Even our detailed steps will help you borrow on Airtel easily. Here are the steps:

1. Dial *500*Credit Amount# on your phone. For instance, to borrow 100 nairas, you will dial *500*100#

2. Within 20 seconds, you will receive a message that your request is being processed.

3. If you are eligible to borrow this amount, you will be credited within 40 seconds. Remember, if you had borrow 85 naira, you will be credited with 85 naira

4. But, if you get a message telling you to recharge more to qualify then you are not yet eligible to borrow this amount.

How To Borrow Airtime On Airtel

How To Borrow Data On Airtel

Circumstance might move you to borrow data from Airtel. It is just as simple as borrowing airtime on Airtel. Follow these steps to borrow data on Airtel:

1. Firstly you will need to dial *500#

2. A set of options will be displayed, click on 3.

3. Lastly, this will bring you to another page where different data bundles will be listed. You can borrow data from 10 MB up to 1.5 GB on Airtel.

How To Return Borrowed Airtime On Airtel

After you have borrowed airtime on Airtel, you will have to return with the amount you’re borrowed. So, if you borrowed my 100 naira, you will have to return with 100 naira.

Airtel made it very easy to return your borrowed fee by the automatic removal of the amount from your next recharge. 

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