How to unmask a private number on Android

How to unmask a private number on Android

September 7, 2021 2 By Sodeeq Olaitan

When a number is masked, it means they won’t show up when they call. Instead of the number, the display on your phone’s screen is private, masked, blocked, restricted and unknown.

Curiosity would shift many of us to guessing the caller. On the other hand, is the fear of fallen victims to scams or stolen personal information. One will overcome the other and finally, you get annoyed.

We will help you reveal the identity of any private number ok your phone. Even it doesn’t require any technical assistance. With our detailed guide, you will get to understand how to ask for the identity of private numbers on your phone.

How A Private Number Works

Anybody can carry on with a private call once it has a legal reason. There is No law disapproving of your call. It’s wrong to misuse this chance of not displaying your number when calling. Also, it is annoying for another person to start guessing if it’s a trick or some scam. That doesn’t mean that you can’t privatise your call, once you give it a pure meaning. 

To change your number to one that will display a private, unknown, mask on another person’s phone during a call you can add *67 and #30# to the number.  if the code is added before the phone number, your number is not going to show on that call. 

These are the most used codes as there are still many codes depending on the region you stay – *57, *#30#, *60, *67 and so on. 

How To Call A Private Number

The first thing that comes to people’s minds after a private number call is to call back. Meanwhile, you can’t do that since your phone is only displaying private and other words. 

Similarly, we have discovered ways to return a private call.

1. Returning a Private Call for Free Using *69

*69 is the last call return code that allows you to call a private number that just called you. This is only available for you to call the recent private call that you got. Once you dial the *69 number, you can place back your call.

Also, this chance comes in two forms based on the terms of your network provider.  Firstly, you can dial *69 and get to put a call through to the private number directly without getting to see the number. Thesehere are the terms of your network provider. Meanwhile, some other network provider will permit you to see the number of the caller before dialling it. 

Also, there is usually a standard time limit (about 30 minutes) for you to call the private number. If the time limit has not been attained you can’t call the private number. 

All that being said, you have to note some precautionary measures when using this medium to get hold of the caller. Once you fall into this trap, the problem becomes worse. The effect might be very difficult to overcome.

Just like any other measure on the Internet, beware of some hacks while returning the call. The reason for this is that the call might be from a programmed source that is looking for ways to confirm that your number is active. Once you get back to the computer program, it will assume that your number is active. From which, the people behind the fraud program will sell your number to scammers.

This might be a risky claim but you will still succeed in knowing the Caller behind the private caller.

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2. Check Phone Providers Log For Private Number

What if Unfortunately, you got another call before the required time limit of dialling *69? Well, it means you can not use that code anymore. Instead, you will have to try another method.

Your phone network service provider allows you to view your call history (incoming and outgoing). To do that, sign in to your network provider’s account. The list of your outgoing and incoming calls will be displayed immediately. 

Look for the private number that you want to call. Do this by comparing the time you got the call with the private number to the time of the numbers in your log. A similar time between the call log and the number will show you the private number. Also, look out for information like the duration of call and date to compare the phone log to the network service logs.

3. Try The Reverse Number Lookup

After having the genuine number of the anonymous caller, you can still get to know more information about the person. The address and personal information about the person.

Input the phone number on the Google search bar or yellow pages. This will show you whether the number is a landline or cell phone number. Also, the address of the number is displayed if Google can get the number. 

Finally, If the owner of the number is someone that uses the number to register for things online, the personal information (name and pictures) will be displayed on Google pages.

4. Using Apps To Track Private Numbers

Several apps have been developed to track the callers of private numbers. They serve as an alternative to the reverse number lookup method. Some require payments while it is not the same for the others. With just a one time download of the app, you can get the full information of a private number. 

Most of these apps are straightforward in their work and adapt quickly with your smartphone. These apps also allow you to block private numbers and prevent any future call from that number. 

Best Apps That Show The Hidden Caller

1. TrapCall

Trapcall is an app that helps to track down a private number. This application also allows you to break boundaries with the number and block the number for life. It allows you to take a 77-day free feature before you take on its premium feature eventually. This app is one of the several apps that work on Android and iOS devices. You can download the app on the play store or apple store.

2. Truecaller

True caller is an app that shows the full identification behind a private number. Both the number and the name of the caller is shown. Truecaller offers the service of calling and messaging. By signing with your phone number and name, you can get the identification of another user or true caller. After detecting the other user, you can delete your account from the true caller. Truecaller is available on Google Play. 

3. Who’s Calling Me? 

Who’s calling me is an app that shows the track record of anonymous callers using private numbers. This app gives you the chance to go as far as searching everything that is outside of your phone directory. This makes it even more flexible than the other apps.