How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool

How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool

September 6, 2021 1 By Sodeeq Olaitan

It’s normal for gaming laptops to become overheated when in use. However, to allow it to work for a very long time, you have to maintain the temperature of your gaming laptop. We will give you detailed methods on how to keep your gaming laptop cooled.

When you put your laptop in the best graphics setting, the game looks more realistic. Whereas, most gamers don’t notice the effect of this. 

That being said, there are many other reasons gaming laptops undergo high temperatures. From a certain reason to another situation, we have combed the simplest ways to resolve the issue affecting laptops no matter the problem. 

We understand that there are several manufacturers of gaming laptops and it is uncomfortable to fall into a laptop that overheats every time, you are playing a game. 

Mostly, it’s more frustrating when your laptop keeps heating up even if your laptop can play the game. Before you take some huge steps on that laptop, you have to understand where the problem is coming from.

Let’s just make this clear that your kind of laptop doesn’t determine unless they are in the situations that will be explained in this article. 

Why Your Gaming Laptops Will Overheat

Everything comes with a reason. This is the same for the overheating of gaming laptops.

You won’t be able to enjoy the game you are playing due to these reasons. Once we discover where the issue is coming from, we can resolve it subsequently.

1. Incapable Laptops

If you read the laptop manual after you purchased it, there is certain information about the gaming capability of the laptop. Once the gaming capability is subdued, it will continue heating up. 

These might be a result of an overused memory or the graphics settings of the game optimized. Note that there are several, easy ways to resolve this.

2. Improper Laptop Positioning

This doesn’t necessarily mean turning your laptop upside-down. Instead, this means putting the laptop in the wrong place while gaming

The wrong place? Once you place your gaming laptop on your lap, bed or soft surface where it will not balance, it is a wrong positioning. You can keep your gamin laptop cool by positioning it very well. This can, in turn, result in overheating of your laptop. 

3. Insufficient or Outdated Hardware

Your Laptop GPU is the hardware that ensures the effective performance of the laptop. The GPU allows you to play games without becoming uncomfortable. No hanging of the game or insufficient task has been carried out by the laptop.

However, a perfect GPU works well, what do you expect of an insufficient or outdated GPU. Don’t expect the same results as the perfect GPU’s.

4. Broken Fan

The main function of the fan is to cool the laptop. Virtually any computerized component would contain a fan that will help to cool it. Without the fan, overheating is a reasonable result.

Just that fans would not work appropriately sometimes. There you hear some disturbing screeching sound from the fan while playing the game. This might be due to a broken fan.

How To Keep Gaming Laptops Cool

Gaming laptops can be cooled once you are aware of the situation you are in. Well, even if you still don’t know the reasons as explained above, we will still touch them as we go over the methods to solving this problem.

1. Place Your Laptop On A Flat Surface

You already know you shouldn’t place your laptop on your lap or bed. So, a better place to put your laptop while playing games is on a flat surface. A laptop should be put on a table or a surface where the vent of the laptop will balance. 

If your laptop is improperly placed (on a bed or your lap) there is a certainty for uneven distribution and exchange of air. Therefore, the ventilation is not the same as required by the laptop. 

However, proper placement will resist inadequate ventilation of the laptop while gaming. This means you can coll your laptop and maintain the temperature of the gaming laptops.

2. Cleaning Your Laptop

An electronic appliance would be free from dust or dirt. Just clean your laptop fortnightly. It doesn’t have to be daily.

Cleaning your laptop can help to cool a heating laptop. This doesn’t mean using moisture to clean.

Preferably, with compressed air, you can easily clean your laptop vents and filters. Also, you can open up and clean your laptops as well.

3. Use Laptops Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are flat objects that are made up of fans. Cooling pads placed under your laptop will help to cool the temperature of your laptop.

Once you notice that your laptop is bound to overheat while playing games, then a cooling pad will be a better measure to use. This will help to support the effect of the laptop fan. 

Place the cooling pads underneath the laptop. Connect the USB of the cooling pads to the laptop. Then the several fans in the cooling pads start working. With this, you can keep your gaming laptop cool.

4. Repair Faulty Fans

If your fans are faulty, it is better to repair them. There are mainly two ways to spot a faulty fan without opening it. 

Firstly, put your laptop under a noticeable load and let it keep working for some time. Once you notice a rattling sound, just know that there is a certain issue with the fan.

If that isn’t the case and you notice that there is no sound at all, then the fan might not be working. There is this familiar sound, ceiling fan and walk fans make. The laptop fans should replicate this as well.

5. Close Any Unnecessary Program

Some programs consume a lot of battery, thereby heating the battery. This program might not be the one in use. 

Once any program is running on your laptop and you are not using it. It is a good step to close that program. 

Not closing the program might hinder the normal working of the laptop while playing games because of the battery consumed. 

To cool your device, close any unnecessary program when playing games on your laptop.

Optimize Your Hardware 

Optimising your hardware can be as important as closing unnecessary programs. Remember what we said about insufficient and outdated hardware.

Hardware drivers have a huge impact on the laptop. For both the heating and the cooling of the gaming computers, hardware drivers have the work of a star.

GPU drivers should be optimized. They are in charge of many programs. Those programs conducted by GPU drivers should be closed when it’s not in use. You should update the GPU drivers as well when it is due.

Optimizing the hardware will allow you cool your gaming laptops easily.

6. Keep Your Laptops Out Of Hot Environment

You should be wary of hot environments when it comes to laptops. Avoid keeping your laptop in hot environments. 

A cool atmosphere is a thing to look out for in the environment of your laptop. This factor will determine the temperature of your system when you are using it.

Avoid hot, stuffy and wet places. Better still, you can go for a cool and dry place to keep your laptop.


A high-temperature laptop will underperform. This might eventually cause a short life span of the laptop. 

So, cooling your laptop is very important. This is the reason we have brought this to your study. Such that no matter the situation the laptop is in, you can always find a way to keep your gaming laptop cool.